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Alan Thomson, CFP®CEO and Principal

For nearly 20 years, I have provided wealth management services to a diverse group of clients. From retirees to mid-career professionals to young families at the start of their financial lifecycles, I meet clients where they are and provide the type of coaching and guidance that they need right now.

I take pride in understanding clients’ priorities and tailoring strategies to best meet their needs.

Our team finds great satisfaction in understanding our clients’ priorities and tailoring strategies to best meet their needs. We work to develop comprehensive financial game plans that incorporate cash-flow and balance sheet management, investment planning, complex insurance considerations, tax strategies,  and which consider the implications of various estate and asset transfer strategies.

Certified Financial Planner™

BA, Davidson College

Alan’s Personal Story

  • Leaning on Hope, experiencing Peace, finding Joy…daily

  • Family game nights, featuring Parcheesi

  • Weekend camping trips with any / all of the family

  • Quite simply, treasure watching our family grow up…

I am grateful to serve a wonderful group of clients who find great value in thoughtful, strategic, financial counsel. Through the years, I have been blessed to serve individuals who are exceptionally good at what they do. Business executives, physicians, surgeons, management consultants, diligent lifetime savers have all placed their trust in me through the years.

My joy is found in learning their stories and understanding their unique, often challenging, paths to success. Gaining an understanding for their strengths and weaknesses and working with them to craft a plan towards financial independence – while keeping their personal and family values at the forefront – brings me tremendous satisfaction, honor and humility.