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Brandon McGrawDirector of Client Experience

Most of my clients are young professionals such as consultants. I understand them really well, because I am at their same stage of life. Many of us are getting married, buying homes and planning for children. We’re beginning to accumulate assets, and seeking to balance work and life.

My stories make it easier to talk through issues.

It helps my clients when I share my own experiences with issues like home buying, wedding ring purchasing, research and planning for education, early career development and so on. The stories make it real and easier to talk through the issues.

As a person, I’m pretty meticulous. My clients appreciate the way I am thorough, detailed and timely. RPG and I both have strong values around providing very high levels of service, and it’s something I truly enjoy.

B.S. Economics and International Affairs,
Georgia Tech

Meals by Grace, Board Member and 2015 Annual Campaign Chair
Marist School, Alumni Executive Board Member and Membership Co-Chair
Club Blue (Atlanta Boys and Girls Club), Member
Buckhead Church, Guest Services Team Member

Brandon’s Personal Story

  • Adventure-seeker, world traveler, outdoorsman

  • Avid kickboxer and HIITer

  • Animal lover

  • Servant heart- volunteers at Meals by Grace, No Longer Bound

I’ve always loved to read. As a young boy in my makeshift bedroom fort, I read by flashlight in the wee hours of the morning. I’d beg my Mom for $20 to stretch at the book fair … and sometimes I even wrangled an extra $10 advance on my chore “paycheck.”

In high school, I discovered an unusual book: The Richest Man in Babylon. It was originally a series of pamphlets distributed by banks and insurance agencies… and strangely, it captivated me!

In parables set in ancient Babylon, the book’s characters learned simple lessons in financial wisdom and literacy through experiences in business and managing household finances. I was fascinated by these lessons on thrift, financial planning and personal wealth.

Flash forward to today, and I still love to read — when I can find time! I spend my days assisting clients in reaching their financial goals and achieving financial security. I am working towards the CFP® certification examination next year, and excited to become a financial advisor.