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Tapping Your Retirement Accounts for Real Estate Investing

Forbes published this article by RPG Advisor Jason Lina about the pros and cons of using a retirement account to buy real estate.

October 2018 | Forbes

Using a 529 Plan to Pay for K-12 Private School

RPG Advisor Jason Lina contributed to this article in Kiplinger Personal Finance Magazine about the pros, cons, and considerations of using 529 college savings funds to pay for K-12 private school expenses.

August 2018 | Kiplinger Personal Finance

Long Term Care Insurance: What Is It and Do I Need It?

Jason Lina spoke in March on the Business RadioX “Wealth Matters” show about the practical considerations when evaluating the need for and benefit of long-term care insurance.

March 2018 | Business RadioX Wealth Matters

How to Prevent Inertia from Damaging Your Personal Finances

Forbes published this article by RPG Advisor Jason Lina in January, explaining how the principals of zero based budgeting can help improve personal finances.

January 2018 | Forbes

Small Investors Rejoice After Lawmakers Cut Controversial Tax Provision

RPG Advisor Jason Lina was quoted in this Wall Street Journal article about an investment tax provision that was pulled at the last minute from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

December 2017 | Wall Street Journal

7 Harmful Myths About A Smart Way To Cut Health Costs

Forbes Magazine published this article by Jason Lina that describes seven common misconceptions about HSAs that keeps people from exploiting their advantages.

November 2017 | Forbes

Morningstar’s Star Ratings Not Much Use But Investors Love Them

RPG Advisor Jason Lina offered some thoughts in this InvestmentNews article about why the use of Morningstar’s star ratings by individual investors is natural but so ill-advised.

October 2017 | Investment News

How Advisors Really Use Morningstar Fund Ratings

RPG Advisor Jason Lina explains in this Investment Advisor Magazine article how little credibility the Morningstar star ratings should get.

October 2017 | Investment Advisor

6 Things Not To Do Post-Equifax

Forbes Magazine published this article by Jason Lina highlighting some of the bad advice out there following the Equifax breach that you should think twice before following.

October 2017 | Forbes

The Kids’ College Funds Can Wait. Save for Retirement First

RPG Advisor Christian Mauser is quoted in this article explaining why the illusion that you can just work longer to help pay for college expenses may not always work.

October 2017 | How Stuff Works

The Myths About Dividend Investing

RPG Advisor Jason Lina authored this Forbes article as a push-back on the purported benefits of dividend investing.

July 2017 | Forbes

Student Loans, Credit Cards, 401k Loans – Best and Worst Ways to Pay for College

RPG Advisor Jason Lina comments in this July Reuters/NY Times article on the best and worst ways to cover college bills.

July 2017 | Reuters

What to Do With Your First $1,000 in Savings

This CNN/Money article is written for millennials who are starting to save and offers advice from an RPG’s Jason Lina.

July 2017 | CNN Money

IRA Trusts Can Protect Your Heirs from Themselves

RPG Advisor Jason Lina contributed to this CNBC article explaining the unique benefits of IRA trusts.

June 2017 | CNBC

Obamacare Changes Under Trump

RPG Advisor Jason Lina offers some thoughts in this InvestmentNews article on what is likely to happen with Obamacare starting in 2018.

November 2016 | Investment News

ETFs vs. Mutual Funds: Which is Better

The article quotes RPG Advisor Jason Lina in comparing the differences between ETFs and mutual funds..

November 2016 | Investopedia

Do’s and Don’ts of Dividend Investing for Retirement

This US News & World Report article quotes RPG Advisor Jason Lina about the pros and cons of dividend investing.

October 2016 | US News and World Report

6 Ways to Protect Your Pocketbook from Sky-High Medical Bills

In this Yahoo Finance article, RPG Advisor Jason Lina explains several strategies to reduce health insurance or Medicare costs.

July 2016 | Yahoo Finance

Can You List Minor Children as IRA Beneficiaries

RPG Advisor Jason Lina was interviewed about the rules, pitfalls, and best advice when naming minors as IRA or retirement plan beneficiaries.

July 2016 | The Dollar Stretcher

How to Choose the Best Dividend Stocks

In this US News article, RPG Advisor Jason Lina explains the dangers and the misaligned incentives of investing for dividend yield.

June 2016 | US News and World Report

Time Running out on Social Security Strategies

RPG Advisor Jason Lina explains what the recent changes to Social Security mean for retirees.

March 2016 | Financial Times

How to Use HSA Funds in Retirement

In this Time Magazine article, RPG’s Jason Lina describes a little-known feature of health savings accounts (HSAs).

January 2016 | Time Magazine

Mortgage Borrowers May Not Be Impacted by Fed Rate Hike

RPG Advisor Jason Lina comments on how a Fed rate hike may not necessarily impact mortgage rates.

November 2015 | CBS Moneywatch

Opening a Savings Account for Your Child

RPG Advisor Jason Lina comments on the benefits of opening a savings account for a child.

October 2015 | Bankrate

Dangers of Over-Diversifying

Our article in Forbes on how the dangerous habit of investment collection can erode wealth.

September 2015 | Forbes

What Your Financial Advisor Secretly Thinks About You

RPG Advisor Jason Lina was quoted about five bad money habits people make and how to correct them.

September 2015 | GoBankingRates

3 Myths About Higher Interest Rates

We explain some of the widespread misconceptions about higher interest rates.

August 2015 | Time Magazine / Money Magazine

7 Ways to Save on Taxes When You’re Between Jobs

We describe some of the unique tax opportunities for individuals between jobs.

July 2015 | Time Magazine / Money Magazine

The Planning Stage of Estate Planning

John Howard joined Adam Gaslowitz, Robert Port, and Richard Morgan on Gwinnett Business Radio to discuss the important planning stage of estate planning.

July 2015 | Gwinnett Business Radio

Potential Drawbacks of 529 Plans and How to Minimize Them

RPG Advisor Jason Lina comments on how to overcome some of the challenges of 529 Plans.

July 2015 | US News and World Report

Why Over Diversifying Your Investments is Dangerous

Our article on the harmful effects of over-diversifying was published by several national media outlets.

July 2015 | Time Magazine / Money Magazine

Legacy Planning Takes Center Stage for Boomers

RPG Advisor Jason Lina explains the importance of estate planning for every person, regardless of wealth.

April 2015 | Financial Times

The Business Hour with Ron Comacho

Business Hour host Ron Comacho interviews Jason Lina about financial planning topics ranging from college savings to retirement planning.

January 2015 | America’s Web Radio