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The SECURE Act: What You Need to Know

The SECURE Act is by far the biggest retirement-oriented legislation to be enacted in over a decade. Many Americans are left wondering, “What does this mean for me?” Here’s what you need to know. 1. [...]

By |February 13, 2020|

CAPE’s Are Better Than Crystal Balls

You would never drive your car with your sight glued to the rear view mirror.  You would likely wreck or find yourself lost.  Yet many investors are guilty of that very thing.  They select stocks, [...]

By |January 17, 2020|

The Other Side of the Giving Coin

December.  We began with a plan to post a technical article about risk management considerations: market risk, goal risk, liquidity risk; how an investor might balance each of these through their investing career – truly [...]

By |December 20, 2019|

Finding Happy…where we least expect

Happiness…isn’t there enough written on the topic? Do we really need one more article on the search for happiness, much less one from a financial planning firm? Indeed, Google identifies more than 300 million results [...]

By |October 24, 2019|

Recessions. Markets. Risk.

Investment offices teem with daily data releases and economic news bites. Afternoon market round-ups attribute the day’s movements to whatever data points best fit the narrative of the day or week. Investors crave the narrative, [...]

By |October 1, 2019|
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