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Finding Happy…where we least expect

Happiness…isn’t there enough written on the topic? Do we really need one more article on the search for happiness, much less one from a financial planning firm? Indeed, Google identifies more than 300 million results [...]

By |October 24, 2019|

Recessions. Markets. Risk.

Investment offices teem with daily data releases and economic news bites. Afternoon market round-ups attribute the day’s movements to whatever data points best fit the narrative of the day or week. Investors crave the narrative, [...]

By |October 1, 2019|

Financial Healing

A few weeks ago, my family sat in an office speaking with a doctor whose team had saved my son's life a few months earlier. Since the rescue surgery last summer, Jacob (13) has had [...]

By |July 18, 2019|

Blame Harry

The following post is an edited and abbreviated version of the quarterly investment commentary that we recently sent to RPG clients. A Jewish boy from Chicago is to blame.  Harry Markowitz – a name that [...]

By |July 17, 2019|

When Roth is Wrong — Follow-Up Q&A

Following the When Roth is Wrong post, readers responded with various questions and, sometimes, with a different form of the same question.  I address several of those questions below since they're good questions and may [...]

By |June 27, 2019|