Why The Failure of the Fiduciary Rule Could Still Benefit Consumers and Fiduciary Advisors

Over the past two months, this blog has attacked guaranteed income annuities and the purported advantages of leasing a vehicle, assuredly triggering ill sentiment from annuity salespeople and auto dealerships.  Given the recent string of controversial opinions and analysis, what better time to address the Department of Labor’s “fiduciary rule”?  The fiduciary rule has been a [...]

Best and Worst Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor

There should be natural skepticism when a financial advisor creates a list of the best and worst questions to ask a financial advisor.  It sounds a little like game show fixing of the 1950s where some contestants knew the questions before they were asked.  However, experience provides a unique advantage.  We have heard insightful questions and we have [...]

What if the Best Financial Advisor is a Dog?

An article last October caught my attention, not because it was surprising but rather in the way it exposed a long-standing ploy to fool consumers.  The article highlighted a financial planner named Max Tailwagger who had recently been nominated to Medical Economics Magazine’s 2013 list of Best Financial Advisors for Doctors.  This fact alone was [...]

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