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Rebecca richardson
Rebecca Richardson, CPAAdvisor

Growing up I would always hear my mom say “knowledge is power.” Her number one financial goal was to give me, her only child, an education. With sound advice and her own discipline, she was able to provide me with two undergraduate degrees and a Master’s degree all on her single income.

I am passionate about developing a financial plan for our clients that allows them to build not just wealth, but a legacy.

Today, it is an honor and a privilege to work with families who are on their own unique financial journey, helping them achieve their most desired goals. As a member of the RPG team, I have an opportunity to walk alongside our clients as they navigate every chapter of their lives. Whether they’re a single mom wondering how to provide for their child’s education or they’re new grandparents ready for retirement, I am devoted to guiding them towards a financial future that transcends generations.

Certified Public Accountant

B.S. Accounting and Finance, Virginia Tech

Master of Accounting, The College of William and Mary

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), Member
Financial Planning Association (FPA), Member
Georgia Women CPAs, Member
The Drake House, Young Professional Advisory Council

Rebecca’s Personal Story

  • Loves traveling and spending time with husband, Jacob

  • Enjoys hiking, skiing and anything outdoors

  • Spends Saturdays watching football with two pups, Lane and Jojo

  • Go Hokies!

In college, I knew I wanted a career where I could make a difference. My mom constantly reminded me that I needed to be practical about which field I chose and make sure I left college with a marketable skill (after all… she was floating the tuition bill). I took my first accounting class and really liked it, equity equals assets minus liabilities and debits equal credits made so much sense to me. Then I took an introductory finance course and was intrigued by topics like investments and the stock market. I couldn’t decide between the two, so I decided to declare both as my major.

I went to countless job fairs, trying to figure out which field I should pursue. Finally, I decided to pursue a job with a national accounting firm, I definitely drank the Corporate America kool-aid. At first, it was awesome. I traveled all around the world and saw the inner workings of some of the most profitable companies in America. I worked hard to obtain my CPA license and move up within the company. Then, within a few years, I looked around and asked myself questions like “what impact am I making here?” I was putting 80+ hours per week into my career and yet wasn’t achieving my most important goal, to make a difference. It was back to the drawing board, time to reevaluate my career.

After a lot of searching, I can finally say I’ve found everything I was looking for in a career at RPG. I love getting to know our clients at a deep and meaningful level while sharing knowledge with them that helps build the foundation of their financial life.