Comprehensive financial planning

Your financial plan is the centerpiece of our relationship. It’s comprehensive and dynamic, and built for
your unique goals and circumstances. It’s our blueprint for priorities, advice and decisions.

Advice, education and coordination


We empower you at every step of our process with education and tools to simplify concepts and help you make confident decisions.  Plus, we care about educating your children. Our “Financial Foundations” workshops starts them on the right foot for making sound financial decisions.

Tailored Planning Advice

Big financial institutions can be so impersonal. RPG is anything but that! Your dedicated advisory team will get to know your family’s needs, concerns and dreams. You will appreciate the value of meaningful, tailored advice over a bunch of numbers given by generic rules.


We simplify your life and make sure that financial decisions consider all important information. We take the lead in coordinating with your other professional advisors — estate attorney, CPA, insurance broker, etc. If you are a small business owner, we also help you coordinate matters from payroll to the retirement plan.

Financial planning and investment

Portfolio Management

We construct an investment allocation tailored to your specific situation and manage all aspects of the investment process — including investment selection, asset allocation, asset location, regular rebalancing and dynamic risk management.

Cash Flow Planning

Whether you’ve retired or not, your customized one-page cash management plan helps create sustainable cash flow from investments and other income sources.

Charitable Giving

If you are charitably-minded, we recommend and coordinate a system of charitable giving to achieve your desired outcome in a far more tax-efficient way.

Tax Planning

We create multi-year income projections to take advantage of underutilized tax planning opportunities and make investment decisions that are intelligently linked to your tax situation.

Insurance Planning

We don’t sell insurance, and our objectivity works in your favor. We advise you on far more than most firms, with detailed guidance on home, auto, disability, life, long-term care and health insurance needs.

Estate Planning

We have unique estate planning expertise, including a former estate planning attorney. Together, we think it through and develop your customized estate plan.

Education Planning

Do you have children at home? You may want us to design a custom education plan to tax-efficiently prepare for the cost of higher education.

Retirement Planning

When you’re near or in retirement, we help you make wise decisions about Social Security, Medicare, pensions, funding strategy and other important choices.

Let’s Get Started.