Happy 2020! Alan Thomson here. I want to take a few moments to reflect on the past and cast an eye to the future.

The last few weeks have been wonderful as they have presented many opportunities to meet and interact with our clients and larger RPG family. We are grateful for these warm and gracious interactions.

Beginning this month, we will start a new tradition: turning the spotlight on an RPG team member in our monthly newsletters. The idea is this: Helping you know our team better will strengthen our relationship and make all of our interactions that much better.

This month, I’d like to brag for just a few moments about John Evans. Along with his duties as an Advisor, John serves as the newly appointed Chief Financial Officer at RPG; furthermore, he has been an essential part of the RPG team for over 17 years. John is an active member of the Georgia National Guard, where he serves our state and country. As a Medical Service Major, he is currently working on a promotion to Lieutenant Colonel. During his more than 22 years in the military, he has been deployed twice to Iraq.

John and his family live in Peachtree Corners, where he continues his service in the community as a Den Leader in his son Jack’s Cub Scout Pack.  He is also the President of his HOA board, and provides financial leadership on committees at his church. John lives a life of service, and we are incredibly fortunate that he calls RPG his work home!

All our team members have their own unique stories, filled with challenges and successes. Over the coming months, I hope you will get to meet and interact with each of them. As CEO, my job is to equip our team with tools, provide development opportunities, and offer perspective that will allow us to engage with RPG clients, friends, and the Atlanta community in an uncommon way.

The talent and energy to serve well that characterizes RPG is special. I am proud to be a part of this team and know that you will enjoy getting to know us  better in the coming months!

Wishing you a holiday season filled with joy,

Alan D. Thomson, CFP®
CEO, Principal

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